All in Nature


We’re all looking for ways to pause. For ways to stop the To-Do List for just a moment. For ways to make interludes in our lives. We have just the place for you in Portland at Artemsia: Collage with Nature.

Descanso Gardens

Most city gardens are well manicured and pretty to visit, but Descanso maintains a unique kind of messiness that instantly transports you into a magical world of plants, trees, and flowers.

Joshua Tree National Park | The Path to Salvation

Waking up in Joshua Tree was waking up in another world. Had I even seen the sun rise before? Had the light ever touched anything with such intention?? It hit me fairly quickly what people find appealing about this place. In the light of day, the landscape feels less like a barren wasteland and more like a waiting canvas, a palpable feeling of possibility filling the limitless space.