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Here’s our Prescription for Mental Wellbeing: you will find in these pages and in these narratives, lives lived within, or touched by, consumed or imploded, maybe even adjacent to, issues around mental wellbeing. Our culture is now holding this space in a very different way than before for issues around depression, anxiety and mental health more widely. We recommend you check these out.

Broken Like Me | How Today’s Rockstars are The Saviors We Never Knew We Needed

But the beauty in this moment, if there is any to be found, is that we’re beginning to accept that mental health isn’t just something to be addressed within the stark walls of our therapist’s office. We’re beginning to look to more than the typical health care provider to carry us through. We’re beginning to see that, maybe, there is healing to be found elsewhere? Maybe there are solutions and connections and answers in our everyday lives? Maybe music is here to save us, after all.

Street Wisdom

Street Wisdom is prefacing a way of being that feels critical now. It’s untethering us from devices, it’s getting us back into our heads and bodies, it's making us sit with ideas again, and it’s offering us the space, time and tools to allow new perspectives in.

Psychology Fringe Festival

The Psychology Fringe Festival is giving us some much needed alternatives for ways forward and ways of being. They are bringing to the fore increasingly urgent conversations created by the circumstances of our rapidly evolving world by the people who understand them most. That’s a new kind of festival that we all need to exist.

Mind Food

As MindFood’s motto goes, “Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.” The Ealing-based social enterprise has this idea at its core: it’s founded on nature and uses food as the framework for figuring out our mental health concerns.

Mental Health Mates

Bryony Gordon launched Mental Health Mates as “a sort of walking/running group for the people for whom it is perfectly normal to feel weird”. Right from its start in London a few years ago people have consistently shown up, with outings now throughout the UK and abroad.